Recent Projects

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deck repairs and AWL Grip

A C&C 40 received a major refit including deck repairs and AWL Grip, a new electrical system, complete electronics package, a new refrigeration system, a new ESPAR cabin heater, all new rod rigging, rebuilt rudder and steering system, new drive shaft and strut.

Hinkley 30 Restoration

A Hinckley 30 that had a complete AWL Grip job. The hull was AWL Gripped and the decks were repaired and AWL Gripped. The interior was completely redone, new teak paneling was installed and varnished. A new refrigeration system was installed and new Formica put in the galley.

Hinkley 42 electronics refit

A Hinckley 42 received a new state of the art electronics package including a new navigation station with computer technology.

navigation system design

Cape Dory 28 refits

A Cape Dory 28 received a major refit. She had a new AWL Grip job, new teak windshield, teak mast for the new electronics and lights. A teak rail was added in the cockpit as well as a set of davits for the dingy.

An Egg Harbor Sport Fisherman was completely restored with a whole new foredeck, windows and cabin sides, complete with AWL Grip. She also was completely rewired, replumbed, engines were overhauled, interior refinished and new electronics installed.

Egg Harbor Sport Fisherman (before)

Egg Harbor Sport Fisherman (after)

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